Robertson has spoken at many events and conferences. 100% of his fee goes directly to Peace in 10,000 Hands to fund the project. In a past life he spent six years on television, was a stand up comedian, magician and pickpocket. So the being on stage, entertaining and intriguing audiences with his many stories, anecdotes and the close calls from the project. Talking comes very naturally and the topics is 'the power of an idea'!

Peace in 10,000 Hands digital installations

Illuminate Peace Day - A Digital Museum Installation

Stuart Robertson was commissioned by The Auckland War Memorial Museum to create a short film based on his current project 'Peace in 10,000 Hands'. The film is now curated into The Auckland War Memorial Museum collection. Robertson is photographing a single white rose, an ancient symbol of peace, in the hands of 10,000 people from every country on the planet.

The Exquisite Clarity of Standing Together 

Digital visual and audio art collaboration between Stuart Robertson and Tiki Taane 85 people from 18 countries holding the white rose, an ancient symbol of peace.

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